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There is so much love Here.

I want to express it but no right words come into my mind. They all minimize the grandness of this moment. I rather shut up and in doing so I silently whisper I love you.

It is almost overwhelming.

How can silence be so much? It does not come from anywhere and it does not go anywhere. It is forever. Tears in my eyes. Here I see it, Here I breathe it. Where is it not? Laughter from my soul.

Here I see that it is not about what I do, what I have or where I go. It is even beyond what I think or feel. It is about being Here always. This beauty is an amazing wonder. When am I not Here Aware?

Here in constant limitless bliss I have arrived Home. Who has arrived home? The stateless state of silence is the answer:

I looked after forever bliss in a place that changes all the time in relationships, carrier, psychology, coaching, energy methods, healing, meditations and spirituality in where almost no one could give me any clear answers, because some say they walked the walk, but most never did. After the greatest expeditions in many Kingdoms and Queendoms, in dark nights and darker days. I end up Here where you always been and will always be. I even a few times stopped too soon, in divine peace – free of thoughts, but I was magically pulled out of comfort further into the divine love. It was The Magic Journey.

Can it be done easier and faster for my others? (if you ever forget who you really are)

After what I now know and experienced: YES much faster and lighter. When you are ready I am Here. I Care. I can share the light about finding Here, the easiest and fastest way I know. But it is your wings that has to fly into the unknown. No one will or can do it for you. Know this! It will always be love and light, even if it looks like, smells like and tastes like shit.

I want to thank You, all my teachers, meaning life, but it is no-one Here.

I still thank you. You know who you are. In deep Gratitude, I bow upon you. I know who you are. Here I found The Door – I found The Day. I found You, You found me. Here we meet again without a story.

What was my practice? 

To stay Here as IT, in Truth, in Gratitude, living in agreement with my limitless Self no matter what.

The secret art of living in gratitude is to always know you have the forever bliss inside, the bliss most others is looking for outside. Here – I learned to accept and embrace my human experience even if it made me angry, crazy, weak, shameful, vulnerable and fragile. In the mind and body, you are never good enough, it can always be more. Here – without your story, you have always been a divine success – bliss. I became humble when I saw the possibility to wake up to a New Magic day in heaven every day – forever.

I followed The Map no matter what.

The Map is The True Knowledge behind all billions of different paths Home. The Map allowed me to become my own Master. All people must become their own Master. You must trust yourself. You must be able to question things in a clear way – to separate what is changing all the time with what never change. That is the qualification for enlightenment. Real experience together with divine knowledge became my dearest wisdom – it is a true treasure. “Who am I practice” removes obstacles and doubts effortlessly. It let you see in the dark. It let you see and understand who you really are in every moment. Practicing truth is the highest value and love there is. When I know myself, I know the other, Here I know everything I need to know to live life in fulfillment and bliss. Now is the time for ordinary woman and man to wake up with the speed of light. It is time to enlighten yourself!

I cultivated «Life Force Energy» after I was given the drop of heaven in my initiation, The Transmission.

Even if I had small doubts about the whole thing, it is true: “The pulsating love and bliss can carry you like a beam of light into the pure silence that was so hard to discover”. I saved hours, days and years, you can even save lifetimes. You do not need to believe me, your experience and true knowledge takes care of that for you.

Here – Grace takes over, I surrender to the greatest love that I always been afraid of. Here – the small doubts melts away, God, Source, Beloved (whatever you like to call IT), IS a giving, loving, intelligent, creative life force!

Here in The End IT IS.

Here life is a meditation, but meditation as life is so much more effortless and lighter, brighter. It is invisible, it does not move, but is still Here as everything without any separation, whole and complete everpresence. It can not be called meditation anymore. It can maybe be called real being of life. Real Love.

It is true what the Masters said.

Here – the Beloved embrace You as itself. Silence is The Answer. Here – You are already embraced free from seeking freedom. You are not free of life, but you do not need to be, you are life. It is just so different than I could ever think it was. Because the one I thought I was is not Here. The «I» thought Ramana Maharshi talked about; that was so real, it is not real anymore. Body and Mind and Spirit is it – bliss. I am really free. I am freedom itself. I rest in the Heart forever.

Who am I?

The only one who is left here is You, the Beloved Pure Silence Bliss. The greatest answer there is. Here I am free from seeking freedom, knowledge and enlightenment. Enlightenment is to stop the seeking and realize it is Here. Here – you can see; everything IS IT. The observer is observed.

Oh, Beloved. We are blessed when we see with your eyes, hear with your ears, sense with your senses, touch with your hands, walk with your feet and feel with your Heart. This Great Heart belongs to everyone. Because it is everybody.

Here – we See without a story
Here – we can Be without a story
Here – we can Be Seen without a story
Here – we Meet without a story

This is the great “Who am I practice”. Sharing Greatest Gift there is by being Here in the Heart.

Your natural abundance is Love everywhere. What diamond can compare to this? What life can be better than Here, that is everywhere? Here I walk in real beauty. If I can do it – you can do it.

Who will you BE tomorrow?

It’s Time…

Rune Heivang